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Going to university is both a scary and exciting time for young people and you probably have loads of questions about everything from your accommodation, to lectures, to living away from home. J D Estates are here to offer you some advice that might put you a step or two ahead…

You’ll probably take more stuff than you actually need but usually forget something!

Careful planning when you pack for university is a great starting point. Make lots of lists for everything you’d like to take and tick it off as you pack it. However, be aware that you can’t prepare for every eventuality so don’t worry if you forget something!

Don’t forget everyone else is in the same boat as you

You might be scared about going to Uni and to a new environment where you don’t know anyone. But everyone feels like this so you’re not alone. Just remember everyone will be new, no one knows where the shop is, and everyone will be just as worried about making no friends and spending all of Fresher’s week watching Netflix. So just get yourself out there, be the first to say hi to people, admit you’re nervous then you’re already half way there.

Think about money

When your student loan goes into your bank account it could be the highest figure you’ve ever seen in your life, but don’t go crazy spending it all at once! Things can be expensive and that money will need to last weeks, maybe months. So, get in the habit early of budgeting, and keeping track of what you spend, work out what you have as spare cash and always looking for the best value option. You will thank yourself for it later.

Stay safe

University is a daunting place, living in a big city can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never lived away from home before. We don’t want to sound like your mum but be careful when you’re on a night out, always try and get a taxi with friends and keep an eye on your belongings wherever you are. Make sure that you shut windows at night and that your door is always locked.

Plan, plan, plan

University is completely different to being at school and you won’t have teachers badgering you to make you do your work. Try and get into the habit of studying early. Invest in a diary well before day one and actually use it, get organised and make sure your notes are neat and in order and do your best not to start assignments the night before they’re due in. Work hard and then you can play hard.

top tips for students

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